Our Why

Thekvest serves as an economic inclusion catalyst and offers meaningful and sustainable economic inclusion solutions.

We exist to address this generational question:

“How do we help more people to participate meaningfully in the economy and to do so in a sustainable way for all parties involved?”

We seek to shift prevailing beliefs and paradigms by:

Challenging the thinking of corporate leaders, managers, decision makers and emerging enterprises in the way we engage and deliver our solutions.

Speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves and advocate for justice for those who are being crushed.

Working to unlock access to meaningful opportunities for the marginalised and seek to ensure that they are adequately supported to make the best use of those opportunities.

Ensuring that our solutions are accessible to those who need them the most, those who are the least empowered i.e., vulnerable groups in society.

Taking a long-term view in our solution design and planning but have a sense of urgency in practical steps we believe need to be taken to make significant and lasting economic inclusion impact.

Thinking, breathing and living to design solutions that facilitates meaningful and sustainable economic inclusion.

Corporate Solutions

For corporates, our work involves advising Boards, Executives and Senior Management – working with them to revise and or replace corporate policies, processes and practices that restrict the realisation of economic inclusion outcomes. We help structure relationships with strategic partners such as OEMs and funding institutions to collaborate on initiatives that could unlock economic inclusion.

Economic Inclusion Digital Solutions

To amplify our impact, we integrate different activities in the ecosystem, from established corporates identifying economic opportunities to providing support to emerging enterprises into a digital platform, an Economic Inclusion Management System Portal. This acts as a marketplace platform between established corporates, emerging enterprises, and ecosystem players such as business advisors, service providers, funders and business incubation hubs.

Emerging Enterprises Solutions

To emerging businesses, we help to create an enabling environment for their participation in meaningful economic opportunities. We do so by partnering with established corporates to enable the provision of access to business development support, access to finance, access to capacity building and access to business infrastructure.

Ecosystem Players Collaboration

We are not, “A Jack of all Trades”, nor are we able to provide all specialist solutions required to making economic inclusion a reality. We work with partners and enable other ecosystem players to do what they do best. We do so by identifying where each player can make the highest contribution within an integrated implementation process and allow them the space to implement their solution in alignment with the project’s guiding principles and objectives.

We see our clients as our partners:

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