Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

Our extensive past experience has taught us that for any significant economic inclusion intervention to be successful and yield the desired results, there must be foundational and functional capabilities and expertise in place.

The team executing on any economic inclusion mandate must be able formulate strategy, develop policies, optimize processes, manage projects and change that is triggered by the interventions and effectively manage and communicate with all key stakeholders.

That’s what makes us different, we are a breed of professionals with a deep desire to make a meaningful and sustainable economic inclusion impact.

We see the world and apply our skills, expertise and experiences from an economic inclusion lens as follows:

Strategy Development

We invest time to understand the organisational strategic objectives and ensure that any strategy designed for economic inclusion is aligned and supports the overall organisational strategy.

Policy Development

We have seen many economic inclusion initiatives fail due to the policies not being enabled to execute on the high impact initiatives. We are positioned to assist the clients to undertake policy development processes that work for them.

Process Optimisation

We work with clients to review the current processes, identify areas to improve and optimising them to make economic inclusion easier to implement.

Project and Change Management

When we serve as project managers for economic inclusion we manage the project while balancing the triple constraints of quality, cost and time. We also work hard to increase the benefit realisation, the value creation and Return On Investment (ROI) of the projects​ we participate in.

Stakeholder & Communications Management

The process of economic inclusion often commences at the achievements of meaningful stakeholder management. We have immense experience in helping clients mitigate the stakeholder engagement risks with the objective of securing their social license to operate.

Inclusive Supply Chain Solutions

We partner with sustainability teams in large corporates to initiate or accelerate their economic inclusion strategic initiatives in the form of local preferential procurement.

Enterprise Development Solutions

We work and support clients that seek to help their emerging enterprises to be better prepared to participate in their procurement processes and other corporates.

Supplier Development Solutions

Our supplier development solutions is designed to aid clients to manage supply risks and the contracts of emerging enterprises and suppliers.

Accessible Funding Solutions

Through our funding service providers’ network, we help Corporate clients to structure and source the suitable to funding solutions for its emerging enterprises and suppliers.

Stakeholder Management Solutions

We help clients to build trust and move from ad-hoc reactive engagement in response to pressure and change or planned and systematic engagement to manage risk and returns to integrated strategic engagement for transformational and sustainable performance.

Collaboration Management Solutions

We foster meaningful and sustainable collaboration by managing and coordinating collaboration initiatives between collaborating corporates clients.

We see our clients as our partners:

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