Our Values

Thekvest is a Level 1 BBB-EE company, 100% black owned with 75% women ownership.

Our Team

Our specialist team at Thekvest comprise experienced and dedicated professional graduates, who are passionate and committed to our values of HONOUR, CARE and IMPACT. We are proud to have on board specialists in the field of Management Consulting, Accounting, Engineering and Human Resources. Our team ethics drive Thekvest, resulting in the ability to provide our clients with excellent service when it comes to project solutions and delivery.

Our Values

Our values of Honour | Care | Impact inspire how we deliver value to our clients and stakeholders.

  • Honour:

    To us, honour means respecting and placing a higher value in what we do and the people we work with, be it internal or external. What our value of honour means at a personal team member level:

  • My word is my bond
  • I meet my commitments
  • I show respect to my colleagues
  • I esteem my clients and stakeholders
  • I go the extra mile in what I do
  • Care:

    Our care for economic inclusion, passion for sustainable and thriving livelihoods and job creation drive us to innovate and provide superior products and services. What our value of care means at a personal team member level:

  • I do my work with due care, diligence and skill
  • I care for those I work with
  • I care for those impacted by my work
  • I produce quality work
  • I am dependable and reliable
  • Impact:

    When all is said and done, it is all about the impact we make in people’s lives and how we serve them. The opportunity to do so is our greatest honour and privilege. What our value of impact means at a personal team member level:

  • I enjoy what I do and seek to leverage my strengths and talents to add value to others
  • I recognise that my work impacts the lives of others greatly
  • I look for opportunities to serve others and make positive contribution

We see our clients as our partners:

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