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For us, economic inclusion is more than a buzzword, it is:

Breaking the cycle of poverty

It is about breaking the cycle of poverty at its roots and enabling people to feed and take care of their families.

Cultivating and growing economic opportunities

It is about creating meaningful and sustainable opportunities for previously excluded small businesses to enable them to exercise their ability to make a living through legitimate means.

Restoring dignity and unleashing potential

It means restoring dignity and unleashing untapped potential of people and emerging enterprises for personal and societal benefit.

Moving from bystanders to being part of the solution

It is about moving from being an economic bystander waiting for rescue to being able to practically be a part of the solution in relation to the poverty and livelihood crisis.

The five pillars we use to implement our solutions and drive impact

1. Passionate & Professional Team

It is our passionate and highly professional team that translates ideas and concepts into reality, providing life changing solutions

2. Technology

We believe that technology enabled solutions can be leveraged to serve the most marginalized and vulnerable groups in society

3. Equity Partners

We work and partner with our growing portfolio of equity partners that form part of the economic inclusion value chain to provide holistic solutions

4. Strategic Ecosystem Partners

Our tribe of like-minded and values strategic partners enable us to co-create and implement proven scalable economic inclusion solutions

5. Foundation

Through our foundation’s “adopt the village” model, we address long term systemic challenges that has a positive impact on economic inclusion through partnership with our team, clients, suppliers, equity and strategic partners

We design solutions and serve as bridgebuilders to catalyse and

facilitate meaningful and sustainable economic inclusion

Large Corporates

We help corporates to reframe and embrace principles and benefits of economic inclusion, such as, transacting and conducting business with emerging enterprises that they would ordinarily not transact with and help them to do so in a meaningful way

Emerging Enterprises

We work with emerging enterprises and entrepreneurs assisting them to understand the requirements for transacting with established corporates on a sustainable basis as well as adequately prepare themselves to do so

Ecosystem Players

We create platforms and partnerships with economic inclusion ecosystem players to enable their solutions to be effectively implemented to achieve the desired outcomes and do so in collaboration with pre-existing interventions

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Thought leaders in Economic Inclusion & Advisory Solutions

We need to take care of the marginalised groups in our society by restoring dignity, inspiring hope and unleashing potential.”


– Champ Thekiso


We see our clients as our partners:

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